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Val-Star's was established in 2006 as Valarie Lipsey (CEO)
ventured into becoming an Entrepreneur, bringing her Daughter
(Starlette) along for the ride.

Val-Star's is happy to announce that their Brick-and-Mortar local
company has expanded to better serve a global audience.

We promise to provide quality products and services
that can accommodate your every need or desire.

Our customer service number and online contact forms
can help us to better serve you. So please use them
if we can further assist you.
Pecan Praline

"We look forward to serving you soon!"

Every bag of Pralines that you order is truly special  and worth
every dollar. We ship our products and Pecan Pralines with UPS
because quality service is always first.

Val-Star's Pecan Praline Candy comes in regular or half / half orders
which is (not sugar free). Our Pralines are packed with the freshest
Pecans from Georgia's Farmers Market.

   Our Pecan Pralines are world famous "From the South to your Mouth"
   and they will make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, graduations,
weddings, baby showers, or a show of appreciation to a friend or family member.
                 We welcome you to our Virtual Store and please enjoy!
                                                                                                                                                          Val  & Star

Try our new Sweet Potato Pies today
We are ready to serve you today! Place orders over the phone at :
(678) 271-2769  Mon-Fri  10:00 am - 6:00 pm est.

online at :

13 Pieces of Pecan Praline Candy $24.95.  Every bag weighs over 1lb. (1 pound)