Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)
Pecan Praline


1. What makes Pecan Praline candy so good?
  Pecan Praline candy is so... good because they're made with TLC " From the South to your Mouth."

2.  How long does an order takes to be processed?
 The order is processed the same day. A confirmation E-mail will be sent to the Client to confirm your
  order, the delivery date, and all of the invoice specifics necessary to fulfill & complete the order.  

3.  Can the Praline come in sugar free?
   Yes, we can make custom orders, but please allow extra time for specific orders.
    Pecan Pralines come in regular orders containing the normal amount of sugar
    and Pecan Praline candy orders can be 50% less sugar. Request at checkout.

4.  Can my order be tracked?
   Yes, thanks to UPS -we have the ability to locate our products worldwide.
   We also provide a confirmation e-mail with a tracking number to locate and track your order.

5.  Will a deposit be required for decorating services?
   Yes, there will be a deposit required for booking our services and locking in a service date.

6.  Who ships your products?
   UPS is our Postal service provider and you can specify your own delivery method. We provide free
   UPS ground services to deliver our orders over $25.00.

7.   Do you ship your Sweet potato pies?
   No. We do not ship our pies. Sorry.      Pick up & local Atlanta deliveries only for our Pies.
   Contact us for more inquiries.   (678) 271-2769  

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